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Hua Hin is a district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Accounted for the oldest seaside resort in Thailand. And is one of the most popular destination for tourism and leisure in the weekend for Bangkok residence from the past to the present time. Besides many famous places for tourist to visit and also with many resorts and five stars hotels.

Commercial and transport are convenience and Hua Hin is not far from Bangkok. Can go and return within the same day, and can visit throughout the year . Considered as another kind of town with full of charm and attractions of the present time.
Huahin Coconut tree
Hua Hin is located along the Gulf of Thailand. About 90 kilometers away from downtown Prachuap Khiri Khan. Hua Hin Municipality has an area of approximately 86.36 square meter or 53,975 acres with road( Asian Highway 4) pass through from the north, down to the south with a total distance of approximately 22 kilometers.

Hua Hin community established in the year B.E. 2377 during the reign of King Rama 3. When a group of villagers from the north abandon their homeland and arrived at the area close to Takieb mountain in present time, and have settled down in this area. By saw the beautiful sand beach which was strange than the other places with many group of rocks scattered every where and with fertile land for farming and agriculture and also for fish farming. Then named the village of "Smorlieng House". Later on HRH Krom Phra Naresuan prowess. (His Royal Highness Prince Krisadaphiniharn founder The Krisadakron family) had built a large palace name " San Sam Ran Suk Nives " at the south of the group of rocks near the beach. (Now this area is next to Hotel Sofitel), and had given a new name of "Hua Hin". When time passes. All of this area had the same name which is called "Hua Hin " with growth, expanded and enlarged into Hua Hin district at present. Since the construction of the railway southern line passing through the town connecting to the Malaysian border.
Huahin is famous for beautiful seaside holidays and gaining more popular among the tourist,
Huahin is famous for beautiful seaside holidays and gaining more popular among the tourist,
tourism are increasing for holidays resort and play golf. As the (Royal Hua Hin Golf Course) which is the first international standard golf course in Thailand.